Why You Should Consider Custom Cabling and Design

Whether setting up a sound studio, repairing auto-electronics or fitting out a medical suite, for many functions off the shelf cabling simply isn’t good enough. If you have ever melted a cable from overloading, lost connection from internal wiring faults, or simply had to manage metres of excess cable length, you know how fiddly generic cables can make your job. Custom cabling ensures that the task at hand will be served to the highest standard and reliability, helping you deliver faster and more professionally finished jobs.

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Functionality and flexibility

Behind many technological setups, be it a server room, a manufacturing workshop, or your home hi-fi system, there is often a tangled mess of excess cabling. As our systems grow and include more functions, the cabling will increase in complexity, interconnectedness, and confusion. Messy cable systems can increase the chances of overheating, cable failure, and slow any work when adding or removing devices. Custom cabling can be made to measure, providing the perfect amount of slack without excess to tangle, include multiple functions within one cable line, or fit any type of cable. Along with the use of coloured coatings for quick legibility, upgrading to custom cables will save in time, money and frustration.

Quality and performance

Off-the-shelf cabling is improving in the range of cable capacities, lengths and component quality. Yet there is always going to be some mismatch between what is available, and what you need. Perhaps your cables need to last under W.A.’s harsh direct sunlight, meet medical standards for sterilisation, or carry non-typical power loads, where you cannot afford to compromise reliability or standards, custom cables are the only logical solution. Ordering custom cables allow Cablewise to precisely meet your parameters for Amps and length, connectors, coatings and insulation. We will provide the exact cable you need now, and enough capacity to manage your energy demands for future upgrades.

Time and value

Few tasks are more frustrating on site than the adaption of generic cables to size, shape, connector or other specification issues. Many operators make the mistake of thinking custom cabling work takes time to manufacture with huge minimum orders. Cablewise is ready to manufacture your custom cable order efficiently and to your job-specific quantities. A customised cable will improve installation speed, reduce costly mistakes, and limit wasted material. When considering a custom cable order, be sure to account for the working time for your staff or yourself in your costings. Easy installation can save hours, reducing the real cost of a job significantly by having the correct cable every time.

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If you are sick of dealing with generic cables that don’t meet your requirements or have a job that demands precision specifications, call Cablewise today. We are the specialists in custom electrical fit-outs that improve your electrical reliability, total costings, and energy efficiency for your Perth Job.