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Cablewise Audio Visual is focused on delivering high quality solutions that are tailored to the end user, with a focus on strong long term relationships.

We take the time to listen and understand what our clients require in a solution and advise what would be the best and most cost effective solution for them.

We treat AV Systems as an investment to our clients business and look to ensure they receive the best value and return from their investment.

Cablewise AV has a combined industry experience of over 25 years, delivering AV solutions with a multitude of complexities. Using only trusted brands in the AV industry to ensure the highest of standards is met with all of our AV solutions.

We invest in our employees with today’s latest technology in equipment and training to ensure our clients are receiving the highest of quality installation and fully functioning AV System.

Audio Visual Services in Perth

Need an audio visual system that will bring your vision to life and create an engaging and productive space? Cablewise can guarantee an audio visual system tailored to your every need.

At Cablewise, we treat AV Systems as an investment in our clients business and look to ensure they receive the best value and return from their investment while ensuring the highest standards are met by using only trusted brands in the AV industry. With combined industry experience of over 25 years, we have been delivering AV solutions in Western Australia that are reliable, practical and functional, and offer audio visual installation services across various industries, including corporate, mining, government, hospitality and education.

We have solutions for meeting, training and board rooms, video conferencing, lecture theatres, operation centres, digital signage and more. The services we provide at Cablewise include:

Audio Visual Systems Consultations

Cablewise AV will work with you to create a flexible design with intuitive usability while ensuring you have a reliable and serviceable setup. During a consultation, our team listens to your vision and needs and will design an audio system to meet your budget, as well as provide audio visual equipment installation. This includes supplying all components, providing training, programming the systems and continuing to oversee the system and project for you.

Call us today and speak to one of our friendly to discuss your requirements and set up a consultation.

Design & Construct Systems

To design and bring to life the perfect AV system for you, we will assess your wants and needs including

The size and accessibility of the room and desirable functions

What you will be using the room for and how you envision its functionality and purpose (including future growth and visions)

The desired placement and set up of your equipment

Audio Visual Equipment Installation

The from Cablewise will supply all the necessary equipment for your project. The audio visual equipment installation is completed by an experienced and knowledgeable AV technicians who will set up, operate and troubleshoot your audiovisual system and will commission and repair equipment including speakers, recording tools, cameras, processors and more.

Audio Visual Systems Programming

A control program is an essential and required element of your audio visual system and provides the codes that do the heavy lifting to make the AV system components respond to user needs. Easy to use and intuitive audio visual systems require programming and configuration that can only be done by a trained professional. At Cablewise, we have the experience and expertise to program the perfect audiovisual control system for your meeting room, boardroom, conference room and more.

Audio Visual DSP Programming

Systems with video and audio conferencing require a digital signal processor (DSP) and control programming. Audio DSPs support functions that produce quality sound and Cablewise can provide a blank canvas to design an audio solution with flexibility to meet various acoustic requirements. DSP programming has the ability to make a space sound good on both ends of a conference call and configure specific modes of operation for every project.

Project Management

The AV specialists at Cablewise offer their time and services to make the entire process easier for you. Our experts will plan, execute and install, monitor, control and maintain projects. A project manager will oversee these tasks which include everything from AV equipment installation, to training and ongoing maintenance. We hold ourselves accountable for the entire project, our project team, resources, equipment and the success of your project, and promise to deliver exceptional services.

Technical Documents & Drawings

Documents and drawings are a crucial way to communicate the AV design concept and intent, performance requirements and scope of work to ensure the work is done properly. Our experts know how to create the perfect calculations and complex algorithms to generate specifications that meet design standards and guidelines and can create schematics, racks, speaker and frame layouts, flow diagrams, cable schedules and more. These documents and drawings are also beneficial for the client as they become part of the contract and Service Level Agreements.

User Training

The experts at Cablewise will not only install your audiovisual system, but will train you and your team to ensure you know how to properly use and maintain your system and feel confident operating the equipment.

Our skilled team take the complicated technical infrastructure and turn it into a simple user interface making it easy for daily use. We also provide documentation critical to maintaining your AV system which comes with manuals, functional diagrams, warranty and other technical information.

Service Level Agreements

When you invest your time and money into a new project, you expect a certain level of attention and quality and at Cablewise we hold our team, our equipment and services to the highest standard and comply with the Service Level Agreement to ensure your AV systems are properly maintained. A service Level Agreement ensures both sides have a clear understanding of the requirements and penalties, should the agreed-upon services not be upheld.

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