Switchboard Upgrades

Much like your old dependable car, you don’t think much of the age or health of your building’s switchboard while it remains working all day, every day. But just like when the head gasket blows in your car, when an old switch board breaks, it can mean huge repair bills, leaving your office or warehouse without power, or dangerous electrical fires. Don’t leave your business’ electricity supply to chance, contact Cablewise for a Site Main Switchboard (SMSB), Building Main Switchboard (MSB), or Floor Distribution Switchboard (FDSB) check today.


Why do you need a switchboard upgrade?

If you look briefly around your office, you will likely realise that the nature of daily electricity has changed dramatically in recent times. How old is your building? Has it been more than ten years since it was built? Ten years or older encompasses a considerable proportion of Perth’s commercial spaces, it is likely that your Electrical Distribution Board (DB) was not designed to cope with the demands of today’s electronic lifestyle.

Increase in complexity, timing and size of load

In the not too distant past, your office’s electricity was responsible for running a fridge, desktop computer, toaster and kettle in the lunchroom. With the changes to mobile technology, and the number of devices each of us carries every day, the demands on electricity has changed. Contemporary businesses require near constant power, from electronics constantly charging, multi-room air conditioning or even high demand server rooms, how we use power needs to be designed into your switch board to avoid over loads or short circuits.

Old components can degrade, fail, or lose efficiency

Most switch boards are built with a number of RCDs that localise power into a series of sections, and MBCs that manage the load on any given circuit. Residual Current Devices (RDCs) operate by a magnetic cut off switch that activates when an imbalance in electrical flow is detected, cutting off power flow and ensuring neither you or your co-workers can be electrocuted. RCDs need to be tested regularly to ensure that they respond properly when a fault occurs.

Residual Current Devices (RCDS), Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs) and Moulded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCBs) are installed on every circuit in your building. The purpose of RCDs, MCBs and MCCBs are to reduce electrical fire risk by monitoring the overloading and therefore overheating of wiring and fixtures.

The best way to ensure you, your staff and your customers are safe is to keep your switch board up to date. Modern switch boards are designed with high and variable loads in mind, and are able to manage the daily demands of the modern workspace. Fast electronic fuses and safety switches out perform old wiring tech substantially, providing you with the peace of mind that your business is protected from unexpected issues.

Contact Cablewise for switchboard upgrades in Perth

If you don’t know when the last time an electrician inspected the health of your commercial site’s switchboard, or you have an older building that hasn’t had an upgrade, call Cablewise today. Get our fully trained and experienced electrical consultants to inspect your switchboard, and recommend the best electrical solution to protect your business and property.