Intelligent Solutions

No matter the scale, budget, or requirements of your project, Cablewise’s team of highly trained electrical technicians can design, install and maintain your electrical network solutions. As technology continues to develop, more businesses are looking to increase the integration of daily building operations into a single, centralised operation system. From high capacity network cabling, to integrated lighting and automated control systems, Cablewise has the experience, training and accreditation you need for your intelligent commercial design solutions.

Founded in 2003, Cablewise has been providing high quality electrical services, network upgrades and on-site support and maintenance for over fifteen years. All of our Directors are readily involved in the daily operations of our company, which we find provides our clients with better service and positive leadership for our team members. Our reputation has been built on reliability, detail orientated project delivery, and industry leading site and team safety.

Communication Services

For your communication services project, we believe that customer service extends long after project delivery. In close collaboration with our design team, Cablewise has the capability and experience to design, install and commission end-to-end telecommunication solutions that allow multi-vendor compatibility with network specifications from Cat6 to Fibre Optics.

For high capacity demand or commercial operations looking to future proof their information systems, we recommend upgrading to Fibre Optic cabling. Fibre Optic cables are made of plastic and glass composite rather than traditional copper, and offer a range of advantages from significantly increased load capacity, reduced data attenuation and resistance to electromagnetic interference.

With the benefit of our in-house custom cable manufacturing capabilities, the design of your unique intelligent solutions can be future proofed to minimise ongoing investment to keep ahead of emerging technologies. Our team are certified and accredited to install Building Automation Systems (BAS) and MATV building signal distribution.

Cablewise Integrated Services

Part of our commitment to future proofing your intelligent building automation and network management in the face of an ever shifting technological landscape, we have introduced Cablewise Integrated Services (CIS). If you are looking for lighting automation, energy management systems or a total building management service, CIS specialises in advanced design, installation and upgrades.

To enable multi-vendor compatibility and future upgrades, CIS has partnered with KNX multi-vendor accreditation provider, Cbus and Philips Dynalite. These partnerships allow our designers to provide innovative design solutions free of compromise, while meeting your commercial site’s technical requirements. With support from our internationally recognised partners, CIS is able to fully design, program and install a tailored solution to your business, building or fit out. Along with our energy audit and reporting services, a CIS project benefits building owners and operators with deep experience in providing automated energy reporting, energy conservation programs and real financial energy savings.

Why Cablewise?

If you are looking to upgrade your communications and building management with cutting edge intelligent electrical and communication solutions, or are wanting a Perth based commercial electrical contractor who engage from concept design through to post-delivery upkeep, call Cablewise today. At Cablewise our reputation has been built from over fifteen years of delivering detail focused, innovative and reliable electrical and network projects, let our team provide you with the cutting edge intelligent solution your site needs.