Energy Management Solutions

If your business is wanting to reduce the financial strain on your bottom line from energy consumption costs, or are looking for ways to deliver on your corporate responsibility to the environment, Cablewise has the energy management solution suitable for your business. No matter your reasoning, investment in effective energy management can produce significant energy consumption reductions within a short time frame. Reduce your environmental impact, lower your business overheads and get control of your commercial energy consumption today.

Cloud-Based Metering Solutions

With any introduction of an energy auditing, monitoring and efficiency program, there is a large quantity of data produced from newly installed metering devices. How this data is handled, processed and reported is key to maximising the efficiency of your energy management, and getting the most out of your energy investment.

With Cable Wise’s cloud based metering solutions, you can ensure your business is leveraging your energy infrastructure to maximum capacity immediately. A cloud based system can gather metering data, and present the information you need to see from a powerful online portal. Use the cloud based metering solution to remotely record energy consumption, generate time series reports, perform validations, and precise bill generation without the ongoing expense of gathering meter usage from the field.

LED upgrades

For immediate power consumption reduction, upgrading lighting fixtures to LED offers instant results for reasonable investment. Most lighting applications are incredibly inefficient in converting energy into illumination, with the majority of energy used creating waste heat. Light Emitting Diode (LED) fixtures can operate at significantly higher efficiencies than conventional halogen lighting, and provide a much longer useable lifespan.

Smart Metering

A key component in enabling cloud based metering systems and informing building management systems, upgrading to smart metering will increase the reporting rates and ease of data entry from energy consumption reporting.


A recommended part of our energy management program, our audits check, test and inventory every electrical fixture an appliance in your commercial premise. The report will identify potential future issues, and allow forward planning of upgrade and preventative maintenance decisions.


If you don’t have the time or resources to undergo a full fit out or renovation, retrofitting presents an affordable option to bring your energy consumption quickly under control. Our team will identify crucial upgrades needed to improve your commercial energy efficiency, optimising your investment for the greatest saving in the short to medium term with the least possible disruption to operations.

Building Energy management systems

For total operational control and to prepare for future smart technological upgrades, building management systems provide the real time control, data and reporting your business needs to regulate energy consumption. Partnering with C-Bus technologies, a Cable Wise building management system can allow remote and automated control of all operational systems from security to air conditioning and lights.

NABERS assessments

In support of the Australian Government initiative, our qualified technicians are accredited to deliver assessments to provide your site with a NABERS rating. NABERS rating checks include greenhouse gas emissions, water efficiency, waste efficiency, energy efficiency and indoor environment quality.

If your business wants to reduce running costs that drain your bottom line, or simply are looking for the best advice in energy management solutions in Perth for call Cable Wise today. We only use the best components from our industry partners including KNX and C-Bus, and have over fifteen years experience providing Perth businesses with energy management solutions.