Reactive and Scheduled Maintenance

With electrical systems, data network infrastructure and lighting, there are two very distinct approaches taken to maintenance and ongoing infrastructure health; scheduled preventative maintenance and reactive maintenance. While it is difficult to fully fathom, when electrical systems fail, the costs that accumulate from repairs, parts, productivity downtime and ongoing issues can be considerable.

At Cablewise, we always recommend engaging our experienced electrical technicians to conduct statutory and scheduled upkeep. This helps us identify and rectify faults much earlier and at much lower cost than repair work after a break down.

To prevent unexpected costs impacting your business, the team at Cablewise are fully equipped with the latest thermal diagnostic technology to recognize and correct issues long before break downs occur. Our maintenance regimes we undertake for your business include:

  • Fault diagnostics
  • Testing and tagging
  • Emergency lighting testing and compliance checks
  • Thermographic scanning
  • System load testing and reporting
  • Switchboard maintenance and inspection
  • RCD testing
  • UPS service and testing
  • Air circuit breaker testing
  • VSD testing and maintenance
  • Generator servicing
  • Lighting control health
  • Energy efficiency monitoring and optimisation
  • Security systems

Electrical reactive and emergency services

In the event of a fault our team are prepared to respond rapidly, getting your business back on track as soon as possible. For non-emergency repairs, the disruption associated with fault rectification and testing can add to the costs. Our experienced team will be able to get your operations back to normal in the fastest possible time frame. Some of our repair services include:

  • Emergency breakdown assistance
  • Lighting repairs
  • Automation problem solving and trouble shooting
  • Data and communication systems
  • CCTV and MATV signal and functionality
  • Minor works

Electrical preventative maintenance

With the large costs associated with emergency repairs, shut downs and delays that can accompany sourcing replacement components, it can be sound idea to invest in preventative maintenance. At Cablewise we recommend establishing a preventative maintenance schedule, including regular diagnostic and issue prevention services. All of our technicians are fully trained and qualified to ensure your electrical systems are in top condition, and satisfy all statutory requirements.

For preventative maintenance schedules, we offer services that include:

  • Switchboard inspections. Australian Standard AS 2467 requires commercial premises to ensure all switchboards are maintained for safety and to minimise outages. Trust our team in ensuring your switchboard retains reliability and remains compliant.
  • Thermographic scanning. Electricity issues manifest often as heat long before a fault, short circuit or cable failure occurs. Our thermal imaging technology is cutting edge, and sensitive enough to detect unusual heat activity early for easy intervention.
  • Generator servicing. Generators can save productivity loss and costs associated with internal or external power supply failures. Maintenance requirements depend on unit size and power output.
  • Power factor correction (PFC). Your PFC unit influences your system energy efficiency. Maintaining your PFC can reduce or prevent unexpected energy costs associated with incorrectly functioning units.
  • Uninterruptable Power Source (UPS). Crucial to prevents data loss, data corruption and equipment damage, your UPS unit supplies instantaneous power in the event of internal or external power supply loss. Ensure your UPS system is ready and complies with AS 3604.3-2002.

Cablewise Expertise

With most commercial operations increasingly relying on power, data and connectivity when conducting business, maintenance and efficient repair are a crucial part of your commercial risk management plan. Call Cablewise today and chat with our team about how you can benefit from our experience, professional technicians and detail orientated maintenance solutions.