Where to Find Smart Wiring Consultants in Perth

In the not too distant past, the world fell in love with the humble Nokia. In just over a decade, smartphones and related devices can be found in the homes and offices of most Australians, not to mention tablets or wearable technology. If our lives can adapt to technology this fast, how long will it be before every home and office is run remotely through a device? After a single call to CableWise, you could have a smart home or office today.

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Basics of smart wiring

There are two methods of increasing the presence of smart technology into your business. You can upgrade every appliance, light globe and fixture to a smart version at considerable expense, or you can get Cablewise to install smart wiring into your Perth office. Smart wiring works by connecting your business’ electrical network to a central smart hub, which communicates over your WIFI network with your chosen device. This system then allows you to turn on and off anything by the electrical supply, and with the addition of sensors automate many of the energy-consumptive activities in an office environment.

Practical benefits of smart wiring

Smart wiring permits you to control existing ‘dumb’ appliances remotely. Vacant meeting rooms or underused office areas can have lights automatically switch off, and thermostats set to activate on timers. Light sensors can be added to the network to dim lighting during natural light hours and increase brightness as the sun sets. You can even give your employees independent control of their own lighting conditions within their digital workstation.

Smart wiring experts in Perth

While smart wiring sounds like a simple I.T. installation, smart wiring needs to be completed by a licensed electrician. More, the information technology nature of smart wiring systems requires tradespeople with specialised training. When looking for qualified installers, the best way of contacting a tradesman is either over the internet or by word of mouth.

  • These days the internet is an invaluable source of information. Look at websites of potential electrical service companies and examine their past projects closely. You want to establish that your installers are both qualified and experienced at working with smart technology. Check out Cablewise’s projects page here to see how we can help upgrade your commercial spaces.
  • Verbal recommendation. Sometimes the best electrical services are found from asking your colleagues or professional network. If you hear of professional service and reliable results, don’t be afraid of following up. Like most professionals, electrical servicemen survive by their reputation.

Future updates in technology

When investing in technological upgrades, one of the largest concern’s clients express is about needing further investment in the future. One of the standout benefits of smart wiring your office is in the ease of upgrading. Should your technology be upgraded such as new computers, conference room screens or lighting, new equipment will need to be added to the network. With a smart wired office installed by CableWise, after a single call, we can remotely update your smart network in real time. If you want to be ahead of the next big technological leap on communication solutions or fitting out new premises and want to future proof your investment, call CableWise today. Let our experienced and fully qualified team help you find your smart office solutions.