What is Testing & Tagging

The safety procedure known as Testing and Tagging was put in place here in Australia, as well as New Zealand, first and foremost as a measure to guarantee the security of electrical appliances at work and therefore ensuring the safety of all workers and contractors.

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The process of Testing and Tagging is essentially a detailed visual sweep of all electrical appliances in a workplace, inspecting them for any signs of damage or irregularities, and tagging the results. This has to be carried out by a trained commercial electrical contractor and might include plugs, connections, guards, covers, and more before testing wiring and checking earthing.

Australian Legal Standards 

Electrical safety standards are appropriately tight here in Australia, with Testing and Tagging a legislated standard for all workplaces. Compliance standards do vary for different industries however, and take into account the working environments types of equipment used. An experienced contractor like the team here at Cablewise knows these legal requirements and how to help you navigate them. 


It is vital that you properly adhere to all Australian electrical safety standards for your industry, not only because it is a legal requirement but in order to keep all your employees safe. A damaged or altered electrical appliance has a severely increased chance of electrocution, which could not only injure someone’s health but also your reputation. 

Capable Electrical Contractors 

Choosing an accredited electrical technician to carry out Testing and Tagging as part of scheduled maintenance is a reliable investment in your business. Your industrial or commercial electrician should have extensive experience in this field, and have in depth knowledge of the industry standards of electrical safety that apply to your business, as well as the requirements for each appliance depending on how often they are used. 


Working in a risky area such as electrical safety requires a trusted, professional hand. Should an inexperienced inspector miss a visual sign of damage before inspecting earthing and insulation, the results could be disastrous. One the other hand, an accomplished electrical contractor can save you hassle, time, and money. 

Why It’s Necessary 

Testing and Tagging your electrical appliances is needed to comply with electrical regulations here in Australia. This is essential for your business to avoid appliances failing to operate correctly and potentially putting someone in harm’s way. A fault in an appliance does not mean it has broken, but that the chances of an accident or an electrocution incident are way too high. 


Regular testing of equipment is also the best way to consistently repair and maintain them o a high standard, keeping your appliances in good working order for longer. Unnoticed incorrect earthing or faulty wiring can be disastrous for a commercial business in more ways than one. 

How Cablewise can help

Having built a highly capable team we are proud for Cablewise to be an industry leader of electrical solutions here in Western Australia. We value our client relationships above all, and have grown our knowledge base over the years to include almost every key industry.


We can work with you to navigate your businesses legal electrical requirements, and we recommend including RCDs (Residual Current Devices) in our Tagging and Testing service for complete cover and protection. For more information on Testing and Tagging and our other electrical safety services, simply get in touch today.