What is a UPS?

Computers do not respond well to erratic power supply, which is why an Uninterruptible Power Supply system, or UPS, is necessary for keeping your business up and running. UPS devices provide backup power to your electronics, avoiding data loss and keeping critical systems operational in the event of an outage. They also clean your power supply, safeguarding your hardware against gradual deterioration. Why you need a UPS Protect against power surges, spikes and sags Mounting demand on Perth’s utility power grid is causing increasingly common power surges, spikes and sags. When an unexpected power failure shuts down your computers, their hard drives may become damaged and you will lose any data saved in their random access memory. In addition, some businesses and organisations, such as hospitals, can’t afford to lose power even temporarily. That’s where UPS devices come in. All UPS devices contain a battery that automatically provides backup power in the event of an outage. The most basic devices will simply give you enough time to save and safely shut down your computers, while more advanced commercial UPS systems can provide power to critical systems or large data centres for extended periods. Whatever line of business you’re in, UPS devices are essential for reducing your vulnerability to a power outage. Power conditioning Although not as dramatic as power outages, fluctuations in the voltage and frequency of your power supply can also cause problems for your business. So-called dirty power forces your computers and other electronics to work harder and will eventually result in components breaking down. Luckily a UPS system can help. In addition to providing backup power, the more advanced UPS devices (such as line interactive or online double conversion units) act as power conditioners that improve the quality of your power supply. Future-proof your system It’s important to ensure that your electronic systems are sufficient to support future business growth, and this means installing an appropriate UPS system. Trying to save money by choosing a basic offline or standby UPS will put a cap on how much your business can grow and often leads to expensive upgrades being required down the track. UPS maintenance Given how dependent many businesses are on their UPS devices, it’s vital that the devices themselves undergo preventative maintenance to ensure the integrity and lifetime of the battery. Regular services from a qualified UPS technician will ensure that your power backup system works when you need it the most. UPS systems from Cablewise Cablewise is an experienced provider of installation and maintenance services for UPS systems. We offer one of Perth’s most comprehensive and cost-effective service plans, ensuring your power protection systems are professionally maintained on a regular basis and always ready to support your electrical load. Whatever the needs of your business, our knowledgeable technicians can design a fantastic power backup solution that will provide you with complete peace of mind. For more information about UPS installations and maintenance in Perth, or to get a quote, contact Cablewise today.

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