Smarter Electrical Solutions

Interested in upgrading your electrical solution or designing a top quality fit-out? Check out our newest blog to learn how Cablewise can help! 

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Becoming more energy efficient is a win-win for any business. You’ll be able to cut your bottom line and free up capital while boosting your corporate image. Every industry is calling for its members to lower their carbon footprint. More innovative energy efficiency solutions make the switch more straightforward than you might imagine. 

Cablewise has over 15 years of experience in commercial electrical fit-outs for private, commercial and government clients. Our Perth electricians can upgrade your energy management system to optimise your return on investment with innovative electrical solutions custom-tailored for your business needs.

Next Generation Energy Solution

At Cablewise, we design our energy management solution systems to lower your environmental impact, reduce your electrical expenses, and put you in control of your energy consumption. 

We utilise a cloud-based metering system for commercial electrical projects, providing the data you need to maximise your energy efficiency. Office managers can utilise this system to record energy consumption levels with real-time reporting while working remotely. 

You can keep an accurate track of your energy expenses and stay in control of your usage. This next-generation system forms the backbone of any modern energy efficiency solution, allowing for additional measures like auditing, and maximising your return on the investment.


Maximise Energy Performance

We can take small steps to maximise performance in addition to your overall electrical install, including LED upgrades. Your lighting system is a driving force behind your energy consumption and one of the easiest changes you can make to maximise your efficiency levels. 

Our electricians can upgrade your existing light fittings to LED fixtures to allow for an immediate reduction in your energy consumption. An LED electrical install upgrade will improve the lifespan of your light fixtures compared to conventional halogen lighting.

You can further utilise the cloud base metering system with auditing. We recommend this as a way to confirm maximum potential. Auditing allows you to identify potential problems early and plan for repair work to prevent business disruptions.

Our building management system puts you in control of your energy levels. This system allows you to collect real-time data to regulate your energy consumption. At Cablewise, our C-Bus technologies can be partnered with energy management systems to regulate and automate your operational systems, such as air conditioning.

Fit-outs To Suit New Or Existing Electrical Systems

We know that your business doesn’t have time to stop for electrical fit-outs. Our team of electricians will work around your schedule to allow for your daily operations to continue. 

Our energy management solutions can be installed as new or replacement electrical fit-outs. Retrofitting allows our electricians to go in and upgrade your existing energy efficiency system. As technology continues to evolve, your management systems will have to follow suit. 

Retrofitting is an affordable way of getting your energy consumption under control, as our team of Perth electricians will identify the most crucial components of your operations that need an immediate upgrade.

Cablewise can carry out NABERS assessments on your commercial premises, evaluating everything from your greenhouse gas emissions to waste and energy efficiency ratings. 

Whether it’s a new or existing electrical system, we can identify the issues in your energy consumption and promise next-generation solutions that deliver accurate results and savings.