Zara Karrinyup

The Zara Karrinyup project aimed to deliver a cutting-edge electrical, communications, and lighting installation for the renowned global fashion brand, Zara. The project’s primary focus was to provide a state-of-the-art infrastructure that seamlessly integrated with Zara’s global platform. This project catered specifically to the target audience of Perth residents who frequent the Karrinyup Shopping Centre.

Technical services provided by Cablewise Electrical

  1. Specialised Lighting Control: The project implemented a sophisticated lighting control system that seamlessly integrated with Zara’s Building Management System (BMS) through their global platform. This integration allowed for centralized control and efficient management of the lighting across the store.
  2. 3D Modelling for Design: To ensure precision and accuracy during the installation process, a 3D modelling system was employed. This technology enabled the design team to visualize the layout and positioning of electrical, communications, and lighting elements within the store, ensuring optimal placement and functionality.
  3. Panduit Communications Infrastructure: The project incorporated a robust communications infrastructure using Panduit solutions. This infrastructure facilitated seamless connectivity, enabling efficient data transmission and communication within the store.
  4. Zara-Specified Lighting: The featured Zara-specified lighting fixtures, selected to enhance the brand’s aesthetic and create an appealing shopping environment. The lighting design was carefully implemented to ensure a visually engaging experience for customers.


The Zara Karrinyup project accomplished several notable achievements:

  1. Timely Completion: Despite challenges faced during the construction phase, the detailed installation was completed within the specified timeline. The project team meticulously coordinated with all stakeholders involved, ensuring efficient execution and adherence to the project schedule.
  2. Utilization of 3D Design Modelling: By leveraging a state-of-the-art 3D design modelling system, the project team achieved an unprecedented level of accuracy and precision. This technology allowed them to visualise the installation in a virtual environment, minimizing potential errors and streamlining the construction process.


The project encountered certain challenges that required careful navigation and problem-solving:

  1. Site Access within Karrinyup Shopping Centre: Working within an existing shopping center construction environment posed accessibility challenges for the project team. They had to coordinate closely with the mall management to ensure uninterrupted access to the site, taking into account ongoing activities and minimizing disruptions to the construction process.