Thomson Geer’s New Office

Tailored Technology Solutions for
Thomson Geer’s New Office

Shape, one of Australia’s leading commercial office fitout builders, partnered with Thomson Geer, a prestigious law firm, to facilitate the relocation of their office to Central Park, St Georges Terrace, Perth. Thomson Geer sought to create a cutting-edge Audio Visual, electrical, and communications infrastructure to support their daily operations and future growth.

The Challenge:

  1. Complex Technology Needs: Thomson Geer required an array of technology solutions, including advanced audiovisual systems, integrated lighting control, secure data networks, and robust electrical infrastructure.
  2. Integration: Seamless integration of these technologies was essential to maximize efficiency and functionality.

Our Approach:

To ensure project success, we adopted a client-centric approach centered on collaboration, clear communication, and a deep understanding of Thomson Geer’s unique requirements.

  1. In-Depth Consultation: We initiated the project with thorough consultations with key stakeholders to grasp their specific technology needs.
  2. Tailored Solutions: Our custom electrical and communications fitout plan included advanced audiovisual solutions, data network infrastructure, and upgraded electrical systems.
  3. Project Management: Regular site meetings with the construction team ensured progress monitoring, issue resolution, and cost control.
  4. Quality Assurance: Rigorous testing and staff training ensured optimal system functionality.


  1. Enhanced Efficiency: Thomson Geer experienced significant improvements in daily operations, with faster data access and more efficient client interactions.
  2. Minimal Disruption: Careful planning resulted in minimal disruption during the fitout and the transition of the ICT network.
  3. Long-Term Satisfaction: Thomson Geer expressed high satisfaction, emphasizing that the tailored solutions exceeded expectations.

This project underscores the value of client engagement and customised solutions in audiovisual, electrical, and communications projects. Aligning services with specific client needs and long-term goals led to an efficient, productive law firm. This project exemplifies our commitment to client satisfaction and excellence in service delivery from the Cablewise Team.