The Hub Function Centre

This case study details Cablewise’s engagement in the revitalization of The Hub Function Centre, a project led by OPRA Projects in partnership with Development WA. The objective was to modernise the centre with state-of-the-art technology, enhancing its appeal as a central business hub in Technology Park.


The Challenge:

  • Complex Technological Requirements: UT Consulting designed systems with cutting-edge technology tailored to the diverse needs of the centre’s various spaces, including video conferencing rooms, a large presentation area, and a versatile Green Room suitable for various uses such as podcasts and advertisement creation.
  • Integration and User-Friendliness: The integration of sophisticated technology was executed with a focus on ease of use, to ensure optimal efficiency and functionality for end-users and The Hub staff.


Approach and Execution:

  • Collaboration and Project Management: Our team worked in close coordination with UT Consulting to ensure a seamless user experience. Regular meetings with the construction team and consultants facilitated progress monitoring, issue resolution, and cost management.
  • Quality Assurance: We conducted extensive testing and provided continuous staff training to ensure the systems operated flawlessly. Remote monitoring capabilities were implemented to provide immediate assistance in any unforeseen circumstances.



  • Enhanced Efficiency: The Hub has been transformed into a dynamic and appealing venue for meetings, events, and content creation.
  • Increased Client Confidence: Upgraded and reliable systems have bolstered the confidence of The Hub staff in managing the facility.
  • Long-term Client Satisfaction: The Hub is experiencing an increase in bookings and appreciates our ongoing support and maintenance services.


This project exemplifies Cablewise’s commitment to delivering top-quality services and cutting-edge technology solutions. The collaboration with some of Perth’s finest trades has resulted in a revitalised, technologically advanced centre, reinforcing our dedication to client satisfaction and excellence.