The Total Package: Comprehensive Electrical, Communications, Lighting Control and Audio Visual Installation

The scope of this project for Aurora Project Group spanned two levels of an office building and included the implementation of a comprehensive electrical, communications, audio-visual and lighting control solution to improve efficiencies for a Government service provider in the Perth CBD.

The objectives were to enhance functionality, improve energy efficiency, and create a vibrant working environment.

Solutions Implemented

  • Smart Energy Management System: Energy-efficient technologies, such as motion sensors and smart lighting controls, were installed to optimize power consumption.
  • Dedicated Power Outlets: Sufficient power outlets were strategically placed throughout the office space to meet the needs of various workstations and equipment.
  • Structured Cabling: A high performance structured cabling system was installed to support high-speed data transfer, ensuring seamless communication within the office.
  • Wireless Connectivity: A robust Wi-Fi network was set up to provide uninterrupted wireless connectivity for employees and visitors.
  • A state-of-the art AV system was designed, installed and performance tested by Cablewise to meet the demand of the client’s intensive service providing needs. Microsoft Teams enhanced video meeting rooms were implemented, training & conference multipurpose spaces were enhanced with public address systems incorporating hearing augmentation systems to meet accessibility needs and ensure required compliances were met.
  • LED Lighting: Energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures were installed throughout the office space to reduce power consumption and provide a bright and comfortable working environment.
  • Zoning and Dimming Controls: An intelligent lighting control system was implemented to allow employees to adjust lighting levels according to their needs, promoting personalized comfort and energy savings.
  • Aesthetic Lighting Design: Lighting design experts collaborated with Cablewise to create a visually appealing environment by incorporating lighting elements that enhanced the office’s aesthetics.

Results and Benefits

  • The implementation of the comprehensive electrical, communications, and lighting solution significantly enhanced operational efficiency and productivity.
  • The integration of energy-efficient technologies and LED lighting resulted in reduced energy consumption, leading to cost savings and a smaller environmental footprint.
  • The modern office environment and reliable communication/audio visual infrastructure fostered collaboration and teamwork among our clients’ employees.
  • The carefully designed lighting solution enhanced the office’s visual appeal and created a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.

The successful implementation of a full electrical, communications, and lighting solution for our client, transformed the office space into a vibrant and efficient environment. The upgraded infrastructure, energy-saving measures, and enhanced aesthetics positively impacted the productivity and well-being of our client’s employees, ultimately contributing to the agency’s mission of providing quality healthcare services.