Innovative Integration for Barbagallo Maserati

We were engaged to collaborate with Giorgi Architects & Builders to develop a sophisticated infrastructure, including a high-end structured cabling system, electrical and electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, as well as a precision-engineered lighting control system tailored to meet the stringent project requirements.

The Challenge:

Deliver a fully compliant electrical & communications system that adheres to international Maserati specifications: This task was particularly challenging due to the bespoke nature of the lighting fixtures, which had to seamlessly integrate with the architectural finishes. The lighting control system faced substantial demands with multiple time-scheduled lighting scenes required across various sales experience areas. The control system also adjusted seasonally and daily to circadian rhythms by implementing dynamic tuneable white light fixtures. Furthermore, to accommodate the rapidly evolving EV vehicle market, multiple charging units and future capacity had to be integrated. Premium structured cabling communication systems supported the audio-visual systems. All these elements had to be delivered within a strict timeline to meet Barbagallo’s business needs.


Our approach and solution:

Seamless collaboration with the Giorgi team: Our project team provided invaluable initial design advice and support, working in harmony with the Giorgi team. By practicing our trademark effective communication and a proactive approach to problem-solving, we overcame numerous technical and executional challenges. This ensured the smooth installation of all systems, meeting the construction schedule without delays or reworks, resulting in a flawless delivery.


The Benefits:

  • On-time and on-budget project completion: The project was successfully completed within the specified period and budget.
  • Exceptional lighting integration: The lighting fixtures seamlessly integrated with the architectural finishes, enhancing the aesthetics of the space while meeting international Maserati specifications.
  • Adaptive lighting control: The dynamic tuneable white light fixtures adjusted seasonally and daily to circadian rhythms, promoting well-being, and enhancing the sales experience.
  • EV readiness: The integration of multiple EV charging units and future capacity ensures that Barbagallo is well-prepared for the evolving EV vehicle market.
  • Premium structured cabling: The advanced communication systems support high-quality audio-visual systems, contributing to an innovative showroom.


Technical Services Provided:

  • Communications cabling deployed: CommScope Cat6A F/UTP
  • Lighting control system deployed: Clipsal CBUS with automation controller unit and custom scripting.
  • Clipsal Saturn Zen outlets
  • Schneider EV Charging Units
  • CMS Rhino trafficable floor boxes



The successful completion of the Barbagallo Maserati project stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence in delivering complex and innovative infrastructure solutions. Collaborating seamlessly with Giorgi Architects & Builders, we overcame technical challenges and delivered a fully compliant electrical and communications system that met international Maserati specifications.


Not only did we meet the project’s strict timeline and budget, but our innovative lighting solutions, adaptive lighting control, and EV readiness have also set new standards for the automotive showroom industry. We take pride in the exceptional results achieved, with our lighting installation being recognised by Zumtobel Group as an Australian first.

This project demonstrates our dedication to solving intricate challenges, enhancing aesthetics, and meeting the evolving needs of our clients. We look forward to continuing our commitment to excellence in future endeavours.