FOMO Fremantle

Street alley in Fremantle turned into a vibrant food hub to service 12 outlets

Aurora Project Group, along with Cablewise Electrical and Communications, worked together on the FOMO street alley project on behalf of Sirona Capital to deliver a vibrant street alley food hub. This project spanned approximately 1500 square metres and was purpose-built to service multiple tenants across 12 different outlets.

The brief was to deliver a unique project in a recently refurbished existing building, in the heart of Fremantle. Creating an engaging space that would become a vibrant and multicultural meeting place was essential. The project team were entrusted by the service consultants at Floth as well as the designers at Work Shop Dine, to deliver on this vision.

Cablewise Electrical and Communications experience in hospitality delivering projects like the Subiaco Hotel, The Royal Hotel, Bar Rogue and Samuels Bar and Grill made them uniquely suited with the experience and knowledge to execute this project and ensure seamless delivery.

How did Cablewise Electrical and Communications approach the challenge?

Cablewise Electrical and Communications implemented a fully digital and paperless project management system. This system had a profound impact on their operations by enabling near real-time delivery of client and designer changes to the onsite project team.

By eliminating the need for physical documents and streamlining communication channels, the company successfully minimized reworks. The project team was able to swiftly adapt to any modifications and address challenges arising from existing building conditions.

The flexible and timely approach to work delivery played a crucial role in the team’s ability to overcome obstacles efficiently. The digital system facilitated effective coordination and collaboration among all stakeholders involved in the projects.

Cablewise Electrical and Communications’ commitment to embracing technology and leveraging a digital project management system has significantly enhanced the efficiency, and improved overall project outcomes.

Technical services provided by Cablewise Electrical

  • Coordinated services are organised within each of the commercial kitchens to comply with Health Department requirements
  • NBN services management is accessible to each tenancy
  • Modifications were made to electric, water and gas monitored metering systems
  • Simple electrical and lighting control systems are separate for each tenancy for ease of use for the outlet operators