Enhancing Electrical Infrastructure for Imdex Limited in Balcatta

Imdex Limited, a global leader in mining technology, operates a facility in Balcatta, Western Australia. The company specialises in providing drilling fluids and equipment to the minerals exploration and development industry. With a dedication to innovation and operational excellence, Imdex recognized the need to upgrade its electrical infrastructure at the Balcatta facility to ensure safety, efficiency and reliability.

 Challenges faced by our client:

Modernisation: Upgrade outdated electrical systems and equipment to align with modern standards and technology. Implement a rationalised design to best make use of their facilities and serve their evolving needs.

Safety Enhancement: Implement measures to enhance electrical safety for employees and equipment.

Outdated Systems: Ageing electrical systems and equipment were no longer fit for purpose as the client’s needs had changed over time.


  • Safety Compliance: The existing infrastructure didn’t fully comply with modern safety standards, posing risks to personnel and operations.
  • Energy Consumption: Inefficient electrical systems led to higher energy costs and environmental impact. 
  • Efficiency Improvement: Improve energy efficiency to reduce operational costs and environmental footprint.

 Solution Implemented:

To meet its objectives, Imdex undertook a comprehensive upgrade of its electrical infrastructure at the Balcatta facility, incorporating the following solutions: 

  • Power System Upgrade: Installation of modern power distribution equipment, including, switchgear and RCD circuit breakers across all services to bring personnel protection up to current code compliance.
  • Replacement of Conventional Lighting Fixtures: Energy-efficient LED lighting to reduce energy consumption and improve illumination quality by achieving mandated minimum light levels with minimal nuisance glare.
  • Emergency Backup Systems: Deployment of high capacity fast charge Electric Vehicle (EV) charge stations with the latest energy management capabilities and staff access card control facility.

Outcomes Achieved: 

Ensuring compliance with relevant electrical codes, standards, and regulations to meet safety requirements and minimise risks. 

By upgrading its electrical infrastructure at the Balcatta facility, Imdex demonstrated its commitment to safety, efficiency, and sustainability. The project’s success not only improved operational performance but also strengthened Imdex’s position as a leader in the global mining technology industry.