Enhancing BreastScreen Joondalup, WA


Project Background: BreastScreen WA celebrated the inauguration of its cutting-edge screening and assessment center in Joondalup in May 2022. The facility, designed to perform 11,000 screens annually, offers diagnostic mammography, ultrasound, and biopsy services in the Perth Northern corridor. The center’s welcoming environment, featuring murals of a world map and images from around the globe, aims to provide comfort to women during their screenings and assessments.


Project Collaboration: This case study highlights the fruitful collaboration among Cablewise Electrical and Communications, Cablewise AV, Cablewise CIS, and Stantec, under the guidance of Shape Group. Together, they successfully delivered a modern, state-of-the-art space dedicated to breast screening for women in the northern corridor.


Electrical and Communications Systems: The project entailed the design and implementation of a contemporary electrical and communications infrastructure. This infrastructure includes several key components:


  1. Distribution Board Upgrade: Supply and installation of a new DB-BSC Distribution Board to ensure reliable power distribution.
  2. Lighting Enhancement: The lighting scheme was meticulously designed to elevate both the aesthetics and functionality of the space. Careful placement of fixtures and specialised lighting elements accentuated architectural features, creating a dynamic and inviting atmosphere.
  3. Safety Measures: Installation of Exit and Emergency light fittings, along with BEG iAutomation motion detectors for lighting control, to ensure safety and convenience for staff and patients.
  4. Medical Outlets: Provision of Medical Outlets for Body Protected Electrical Areas in compliance with AS/NZS 3003: 2018 standards for patient areas.
  5. Communication Infrastructure: Deployment of a robust Cat 6A UTP communications cabling infrastructure to support modern communication needs.
  6. Communication Cabinet: Supply and installation of a new 42RU communications cabinet to house critical communication equipment.


  • Additional Systems: Apart from the core electrical and communications systems, the project also encompassed:
  • Intruder Detection System: Integration of smoke detectors into the Security System to enhance facility security.
  • Assistance Call System: Implementation of an assistance call system to provide support to patients and staff.
  • Music System: Integration of a music system to enhance the overall ambiance of the facility.
  • MATV and Audio Visual Outlets: Provision of MATV outlets and Audio Visual outlets for entertainment and information dissemination.


Results and Benefits: The collaborative effort between Cablewise Electrical and Communications, Cablewise AV, Cablewise CIS, and Stantec has resulted in a modern healthcare facility that offers:


  • Enhanced Patient Experience: The thoughtful lighting design and comforting murals contribute to a welcoming and reassuring environment for patients.
  • Efficient and Safe Operations: Robust electrical and communication systems, along with safety measures, ensure the smooth and secure operation of the center.
  • State-of-the-Art Infrastructure: The facility is equipped with modern infrastructure, meeting the highest industry standards and regulations.
  • Increased Screening Capacity: With the ability to perform 11,000 screens annually, BreastScreen Joondalup is poised to make a significant impact on breast cancer screening in the northern corridor.


The successful completion of this project underscores the commitment to providing top-notch healthcare services to women in the Joondalup area. The collaboration among various stakeholders has resulted in a state-of-the-art screening and assessment centre that prioritises patient comfort, safety, and efficiency.