Cablewise’s Complex Electrical Infrastructure Upgrade for Cygnet West and Far East

Cablewise Electrical and Communications Pty Ltd, successfully completed an extensive full building electrical infrastructure upgrade for their clients, Cygnet West and Far East. The project, executed between 2022 and 2023, included a crucial Site Main Switchboard replacement over the 2023 June long weekend. With meticulous planning and coordination, Cablewise ensured the smooth execution of the upgrade, involving multiple stakeholders across 17 floors.

Client Background: 256 Adelaide Terrace is a prominent commercial building that had been facing challenges with its aging electrical infrastructure. The need for an upgrade arose to enhance the building’s efficiency, safety, and reliability. The project marked the first major overhaul of its kind since the building’s construction in 1970.

Challenges: The project presented Cablewise with several unique challenges, including:

  • Intensive Planning: The upgrade demanded intricate planning to ensure minimal disruptions to the building’s tenants and users during the execution process.
  • Coordination with Multiple Stakeholders: Cablewise had to collaborate and coordinate with various stakeholders, including Western Power, Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, Vocus, Water Corp, Mechanical Services, Hydraulic Services, Security and Access Control Services, Lifts, and Fire Protection engineers.
  • Continuous Operations: As the building was fully operational, the upgrade needed to be performed without interrupting essential services. Thus, the changeover works were meticulously planned in 15-minute increments.
  • Tight Timeframe: The upgrade had to be completed within a 72-hour window over the June long weekend to minimize disruption to the building’s occupants.
  • Technical Expertise: The project required a highly skilled workforce capable of handling complex electrical systems and installations.

Solution: To overcome these challenges, Cablewise devised a comprehensive solution:

  • Planning and Scheduling: Cablewise conducted detailed planning and scheduling, breaking down the upgrade tasks into 15-minute increments. Four dedicated teams worked back-to-back in shifts to maintain a continuous operation for the 72-hour duration.
  • Stakeholder Coordination: Constant communication and collaboration with stakeholders ensured a smooth workflow. Regular PCG meetings were organised by Cablewise with project stakeholders to communicate project progress, cost status, authorities’ approvals, to confirm key design decisions, and to discuss tenant issues.
  • Skilled Workforce: Cablewise deployed a team of experienced and certified professionals with expertise in handling intricate electrical infrastructure upgrades.
  • Quality Equipment: To ensure the building’s electrical infrastructure would last another 30 years, Cablewise utilized top-of-the-line equipment utilising local manufacturers and adhered to industry best practices.

Results: Cablewise’s meticulous planning and diligent execution led to the successful completion of the electrical infrastructure upgrade. The results achieved were as follows:


  • Enhanced Reliability: The upgraded electrical infrastructure provided Cygnet West and Far East with enhanced reliability and performance, reducing the risk of future disruptions.
  • Improved Safety: The replacement of the Site Main Switchboard and other critical components enhanced the building’s safety standards.
  • Minimized Disruptions: The 72-hour changeover process, carried out with precision, ensured minimal disruptions to building occupants and tenants.
  • Future-proofed Infrastructure: The upgrade laid the foundation for another 30 years of reliable electrical service, catering to the building’s evolving needs.

The successful completion of the intensive electrical infrastructure upgrade for Cygnet West and Far East showcases our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions within tight timeframes. The project’s success demonstrates our capability to handle complex projects involving multiple stakeholders while maintaining uninterrupted operations. Cygnet West and Far East can now enjoy a state-of-the-art electrical system, reinforcing the building’s position as a modern, efficient, and safe commercial space.