ANZ Lakeside Joondalup

ANZ Lakeside Joondalup

ANZ Lakeside Joondalup is an updated bank branch located in a new and strategic location within the vibrant Lakeside Joondalup area in Perth, Western Australia. ANZ Bank Australia undertook a comprehensive project to deliver a cutting-edge electrical, communications, and lighting installation to this modernized branch.


The primary objectives of the project were as follows:

Establish a contemporary and customer-focused banking environment that aligns with the branch’s updated location.

Implement advanced and reliable electrical and communication systems to support the branch’s operational needs.

Design and install innovative lighting fixtures that enhance visibility, aesthetics, and energy efficiency.

Key Features and Solutions:

  • Installation of an advanced electrical infrastructure that caters to the branch’s specific power requirements, including wiring, outlets, and distribution panels.
  • Incorporation of backup power systems to ensure uninterrupted operations and provide contingencies during power outages.
  • Deployment of a comprehensive Commscope Systimax communication network, including both wired and wireless connections for reliable internet access, telephony, and internal communication.
  • Collaboration with lighting designers to develop a bespoke lighting design plan that optimizes visibility enhances aesthetics, and promotes energy efficiency.
  • Integration of energy-saving LED lighting fixtures throughout the branch to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Results and Benefits:

  • The contemporary banking environment created a welcoming and sophisticated atmosphere for customers, aligning with the updated location’s aesthetics.
  • Interactive displays, digital signage, and video conferencing facilities enhanced customer engagement and facilitated access to relevant information.
  • The reliable electrical and communication systems enabled smooth day-to-day operations, minimizing disruptions and ensuring efficient transactions.
  • Thoughtfully designed lighting fixtures enhanced visibility, ambiance, and comfort, contributing to an exceptional banking experience.

The successful implementation of a comprehensive electrical, communications, and lighting solution at ANZ Lakeside Joondalup showcases ANZ Bank Australia’s commitment to the banking community in Western Australia.