130 Stirling Street

Tendered as a commercial Design & Construct fitout, Cablewise engaged the services of Alpha Zeta, Modular Lighting, and Aura Lighting to design a full lighting upgrade to the existing Level 5, Level 6, and Level 7 floor plate, lobby, and toilet areas, covering 5000 square metres. Partnering with Shape Group for the submission, Cablewise were able to secure the commercial electrical project based upon our design and history of similar-sized projects. Partnerships with the likes of Modular, Aura Lighting, and Clevertronics assisted us in procuring the fittings, and installing under the clients budget and delivery timeframe.

A dynamic projects team was necessary to deliver this project, and Andrew Asher led the Cablewise team on-site through this project to completion. Successful delivery of this project has resulted in Cablewise being engaged as the incumbent maintenance contractor for 130 Stirling and Sheffield Property.



  • Provision of complete design and construct infrastructure.
  • Partnership with Modular Lighting, Aura Lighting, Clevertronics and Alpha Zeta.
  • A full DALI lighting control system, with soft wiring lighting leads for ease of installation.
  • Modular linear recessed lighting and custom downlighting for effect and low shadow.
  • Clevertronics HIVE system throughout, inclusive of new head-end.
  • Detailed feature lighting installed within bespoke ceilings and finishes.