How to Choose a Commercial Electrician in Perth

With so many commercial electricians operating in Perth, choosing the right one for your business can be difficult. The safety of your building and staff will be in their hands, so it’s important not to take any shortcuts in the decision-making process. You need a company you can trust. Read on to find out exactly which qualities you should be looking for.

How to choose a commercial electrician in perth - cablewise

Experience of a Commercial Electrician

The most important quality in any commercial electrician is experience. Commercial electrical work is very different to domestic electrical work, and the specialist skills and knowledge that are required take many years to develop.

For example, one way to identify a suitable commercial electrician is simply by noting how effectively they can explain technical details to you. Most commercial environments will involve many different professional providers working alongside each other, so learning to communicate clearly across a range of trades and professions is an invaluable skill.

Commercial electricians also need to be great problem-solvers. Builders on commercial sites will often not know how wires are going to be installed into a wall, for example – all they know if that they need an electrical outlet in a certain spot. It is the electrician’s job to quickly come up with a solution, which requires both creativity and many years of experience.


Licensed Professionals

When considering a commercial electrician, it is essential that they hold the proper licensing and insurance for the work they will undertake. Choosing a licensed electrician means that not only are you assured of a professional job, you won’t be liable for workers compensation costs if they suffer an accident on your worksite. It also means that the electrician’s insurance can cover damages if something goes wrong.

Certified Installers

Your commercial electrician should also be certified with the products and brands that you’re looking for. This guarantees that they will have the most up-to-date technical expertise and product knowledge. Here at Cablewise we are proud EcoXpert partners of Schneider Electric and their Australian subsidiary Clipsal, specialising in C-Bus Lighting Control Systems, Energy Management Solutions and more.

Why Choose Cablewise Commercial Electrical
and Communications Solutions?

Cablewise has been providing Perth businesses with cabling and electrical solutions since 2001. Our commercial electricians are fully licensed and have all the experience necessary to ensure your job is completed in a safe and efficient manner.

Cablewise enjoys a great reputation in Perth and is a trusted service provider for many local businesses and government agencies. We place great value on developing long-term relationships with our clients, and in fact many of the companies that we engaged with in the early days of our business remain loyal customers to this day.

We pride ourselves on our technical skill and knowledge, and we are committed to delivering first-class electrical installations that leave our clients satisfied. For commercial electrical projects in Perth, you can rely on Cablewise.