How Important is Scheduled Electrical Maintenance?

What’s your electrical maintenance approach? Many businesses legal sustanon 250 online are reactive, calling an electrician when something goes pop in the middle of the night.

We all know what that means. Callout fees, expensive repairs, equipment downtime and in some cases, physical damage. Fixing electrical issues when they arise is crucial, but there is a way to prevent many of these problems from occurring in the first place.

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Why electrical maintenance matters

Electrical systems are generally hidden from view. Because of this, it’s easy to let electrical maintenance slip.

But the repercussions range from lost productivity to significant cost outlay, and even risking yours and your employees’ safety. And it’s so easy to avoid these costly consequences by partnering with an electrical maintenance expert.

What electrical maintenance involves

Electrical maintenance is a partnership between you and a licensed electrician. There is not much work on your part: all you need to do is walk us through your equipment layout and safety goals, and we’ll do the rest.

  • Testing and tagging
  • Electrical infrastructure assessments
  • System monitoring
  • Proactive maintenance and repairs
  • Component replacement

Electrical maintenance can cover as much or as little of your workplace as you want.

  • Wiring
  • Switches and switchboards
  • 3-phase power
  • Office equipment
  • Plant and industrial equipment
  • Energy efficiency
  • Data cabling
  • Server rooms and computer infrastructure
  • Fibre optics

And the list goes on. We always recommend a wide scope for commercial electrical maintenance, because undertaking comprehensive maintenance in a single visit is more cost-effective.

The benefits of scheduled electrical maintenance

Maximise equipment uptime

Things go pop a lot less often when maintained to high standards. Equipment downtime means less productivity, which translates to lost profits.

Less costly repairs

Count all the times you’ve called an electrician in the last 12 months and add up all the repair bills. Rather than repairing an entire circuit that fried and fizzled in a preventable electrical short, we can replace individual components as they age.

Save time and money

A tailored, flexible electrical maintenance schedule minimises interruptions and maximises productivity. We work with you to undertake maintenance when it’s convenient for your business, so you can maintain momentum and equipment uptime.

Improve the lifecycle of equipment

From computers to manufacturing equipment, desk phones to data cabling, electrical maintenance prolongs the life of mission-critical equipment. That means less outlay on new equipment, less time training employees on a new machine, and more output over time.

5 more reasons to schedule electrical maintenance ASAP

  1. Reduces the risk of electrical accidents
  2. Improves energy efficiency
  3. Easier to budget for (in time and money terms)
  4. Always up to Australian Standards for electrical safety
  5. Designed to support business goals

How to schedule electrical maintenance

An effective electrical maintenance program needs an experienced, client-focused commercial electrician with a broad service scope. Combining all your electrical maintenance requirements – wiring, equipment, data cabling and communications – into one comprehensive schedule is better for business.

Contact Cablewise to find out how easy we make electrical maintenance. We’ll help you get the most from your existing infrastructure, save costs, and improve productivity with industry-leading electrical servicing across all parts of your business.