Energy Management Solutions: Easiest Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency

Let’s state the obvious. You need electricity to run your business, and your consumption keeps you operating.

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Offset that with the price of consumption, and sometimes, this need can become quite the obstacle to commercial growth. 

Whether just settling in to a new workspace, or being part of the furniture at an older lease, it can get frustrating trying to pin point clear strategies to optimise the way your work uses energy. But, if you’re keen to spend your power more effectively, the number of smart energy management solutions are abundant.

This article will reveal to you how investing in a new electrical fit out can vastly improve the energy efficiency of your business, big or small. Best of all, it’s easier than you might think. So read on if you’d like to mitigate the sting that comes with the next power bill!

Let’s Start With the Lights

If you haven’t had the chance to reach out to commercial electricians to update the electrics of your commercial space, you may be surprised at the amount of new tech available that can help ease the strain on your bottom line. For example, if you are looking for an immediate reduction in your power consumption, a worthwhile investment is a switch to full LED lighting, which can instantly reduce the impact of your consumption. If your space is running conventional halogen fixtures, keep in mind that they have a bigger waste output with a much shorter life span. These fixtures can’t hold a candle to the efficacy and sustainability of a full LED fit out.

Check the Commercial Electrical Controls

Appliances are also a big-ticket item that can severely impact the outcome of your meterage, but it can cost a lot of downtime to overhaul all of your existing equipment. Instead, look to the outlets that govern your power. Fitting Advanced Power Strips (APS) and Smart Plug systems can help to finesse the management of your commercial electrical output. For example, an occupancy sensing APS will automatically turn of outlets if no activity is sensed, meaning less energy goes to waste!

Track it All Through Energy Management Solutions

The more data you gather on how your energy is being spent, the easier it is to get control over your commercial energy consumption. By utilising opportunities such as cloud-based metering, it has never been easier to track how your power is distributed, wherever you are. Experienced commercial electrical services contractors like Cablewise can offer advice and install energy management solutions to help track your business’ energy consumption. 

Consider Energy Efficiency as an Investment

The choice is quite simple, pay a little now so you can continue to pay less into the future. The above ideas are simple, yet create effective returns on investment for the entire lifespan of your business.

But the benefits don’t just stop with the dollar. These are investments not only in financial buoyancy, but sustainability. Though offsetting your footprint may not be the highest priority for your business, it is becoming more and more financially sound to invest in such practices. 

So, if you’re wanting to invest in a more efficient and cost effective future for your business space, why not set it up right with trusted commercial electrical services from Cablewise. From design to install, Cablewise executes reliable and sustainable and synergistic energy management solutions within any business setting. All while leaving you to run your business.

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