Electrical Advice For New Builds

When creating or renovating a commercial space, most people concentrate on elements concerning the interior design and architectural style. But what about the electrical fitout? In this post, we’ll take you through all that you need to know about commercial electrical fitouts in today’s times. So if you want your commercial space to have a sound electrical plan and successful implementation, read on!

electrical advice for new commercial builds

What Your Fitout Needs

Modern commercial spaces need electrical fitouts capable of powering cutting-edge technology needed to get things done. On the surface, you may only see some appliances. However, backing them up behind the scenes are the power outlets those appliances are connected to and the wiring that’s delivering power to those outlets.

To know the kind of commercial electrical fitout your  space needs, you’ll need to consider the following factors:

Electricity consumption per room

If your commercial space has several rooms, you’ll have to calculate how much electricity each room will consume. Make a list for each room and include the number of power outlets required, along with the appliances, electronics, and lighting fixtures.

Wiring for high-speed internet connectivity

The Internet is at the core of every new age workspace. This is why you’ll need to pay attention to the wiring to be installed specifically for internet connectivity. Including this in your electrical fitout plan is vital, as excluding it may lead to cable management issues later.

Electrical safety

We don’t need to say it, do we? Simply put, wherever electricity and wires are involved, there’s always a danger of things going wrong. While ruling out a mishap completely is impossible, what you can do is ensure the safety of the electrical fitout of your commercial space. When you put safety on the line, you endanger yourself, your staff, and your business’ property.

Trust A Commercial Expert

You may feel tempted to have your electrical fitout plan made and implemented by novices, and why not? They’ll probably do what you tell them for a fraction of what commercial electricians would charge. However, in all probability, they won’t be able to give you sound advice should any issue arise across the planning and implementation phases. They may also bypass rules and regulations that you need to adhere to, compromising safety in the process.

On the other hand, if you hire commercial experts to do the job, you’ll get strategic planning, along with the implementation of the highest order. The professionals can give you sound advice about how to make things convenient for you and your staff without undermining your commercial space’s power needs. You can also expect the pros to perform their duties by sticking to the guidelines laid down by the law.

Understanding The Process

At Cablewise, we understand the electrical fitout process thoroughly and have devised our very own process of catering to our clients’ needs. It consists of:

  • Consultation: This is where you, our client, need to state what you want. By providing sound electrical advice, we make sure that the electrical fitout plan includes what you want and of course, what you need.
  • Execution: Once the consultation and planning process comes to their respective conclusions, it’s time for our pros to get to work. We make sure that our plans are executed to perfection by maintaining a fine balance between effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Safety checks: Before our pros finish their work, they conduct thorough safety checks. This is is to ensure that once the work is done, you and your employees don’t have to bear the brunt of any wrong installations.

 So, if your commercial space needs electrical work, get in touch with us at Cablewise, and let us handle things.