Commercial Electrical Capabilities in 2021

Energy consumption likely brings significant overhead to your business. Perhaps it’s time to consider a new solution. Upgrading your commercial electrical fit-out could save you both in the short-term and long-term. It’s one of the quickest ways to significantly reduce your business’ energy consumption.

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These energy-efficient fit-outs can free up capital to be reinvested back into your business. It will also lower your environmental impact, giving you a new angle of corporate responsibility to share with your stakeholders. This article will explain the benefits Cablewise provides to business owners.

Fitouts of All Sizes

Whatever size your business is, you can benefit from one of our commercial fit-outs. At Cablewise, our cloud-based metering solutions allow you to maximize the efficiency of your energy management system to help you get the most out of your investment.

This cloud-based system works for almost any business, allowing business owners to track energy consumption and provide real-time remote reports. Gone are the days of having to send someone into the field to check your meter usage, as you can do all of this electronically. Our cloud-based system comes with smart metering, which keeps your management team up-to-date with their reporting.

If time is of the essence, our retrofitting services are an affordable option to help you get your energy consumption under control. Our electricians will pinpoint urgent areas that require upgrades in order to optimize your investment. Cablewise’s intelligent solutions allow us to design and carry out electrical installation for any size of commercial premises.

What Your Building Needs

Cablewise will help you access what your building needs for optimum energy efficiency. We have a strong track record of delivering programs on time with high-quality fittings while staying within our client’s budget.

We will identify critical weaknesses in your current electrical set-up, including carrying out NABERS assessments to rate your building on areas like energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions. Our expert team of electricians can pinpoint your building needs and propose the most suitable energy management solutions.

Building management systems are an electrical fit-out we recommend for larger commercial premises, as it gives you total operational control and the ability to prepare for future upgrades. Your management team can regulate your energy consumption in real-time. Our electricians can partner this system with C-Bus technologies – our management system – to give you remote and automated control of your operational systems.

Past Perth Fitouts

Cablewise has over 15 years of experience as Perth electricians and has carried out commercial electrical projects of every size. We have installed our intelligent solutions in businesses across Perth. Our LED electrical install upgrades allow you to see an immediate reduction in your energy consumption. Changing your light fixtures to LED is guaranteed to give you a return on your investment. Increase your efficiency level and cut bottom-line costs with Cablewise.